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The View For Dictators

Posted on by John Nanco

Arguably, one of the commonest phrases of dictatorial confirmation is, “My people love me,” and dictators are ‘justifiably’ right in endlessly recanting it. It is almost impossible to wield near limitless powers without attracting vibrant loyalty and affection from those around and within. After all, power is empty or unproven if it can be confronted, contradict or ignored without costly repercussions. So like Saddam, Mubarak and Gaddafi before him, Syria’s Assad will only surprise a few with his self-righteous declarations on behalf of a ‘loving’ nation against rebels and miscreants serving the purposes of the West.

Sadly, the Syrian people, now caught between two factions with infallible belief in the decisive  resolution of the power of force will have to endure a ‘transition of conflict’ from which their country is destined to emerge with altered outlook

Assad, not unlike preceding strong arm rulers, is incapable separating his reality and… Continue reading →

The IMF’s actual intentions

Posted on by skeptik@l

The International Monetary Fund is a financial institution which was set up after the Second World War, during the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1945. According to historical sources, the financial institution was set up to oversee global economic policies of its member states. The IMF does this by supporting its members when providing financial help or advice pertaining to macroeconomic issues. Even so, the IMF’s standing in the world and high level of influence on the global economy has generated much criticism when skeptics raise questions about the actual intentions of the financial institution.

One theory that was formulated about the IMF was that it was created to attain control over poor countries. This is justified by the idea of neocolonialism. When international economic arrangements are abused, first world countries will find that it is easier to have a certain level of influence over poorer countries or former colonies. While… Continue reading →

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