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How To Increase Levels Of Generosity

Posted on by skeptik@l

What differentiates a nice person from a mean one? Or a caring or generous person from a selfish one? Apparently, science can explain the level of ethics and morality any individual holds. Well according to a graduate from Claremont University, Paul Zak, a single chemical substance called oxytocin is responsible for it all.

The studies that Zak has done over ten years suggest that oxytocin is responsible for different character traits in found in people. It is originally known as reproductive hormone found in women. It takes charge of contractions during labour and pregnancy. It is also said to be the reason for the calm, focused attention that mothers provide for their infants when breast-feeding takes place

Apparently, it is also plentiful on wedding nights simply because it triggers the intimate feeling that men and women feel during sexual intercourse.

According to Zak in the Wall Street Journal, experiments have… Continue reading →

Influencing Society: Corporations Versus Governments

Posted on by John Nanco

Google’s former CEO, Eric Schimdt’s various comments pertaining to governments unwittingly highlight an emerging truth; that corporations are increasingly gaining power and influence in daily living and governments need them. Or more pointedly, governments are becoming dependent on them. The Chinese government may know this, having to repeatedly ‘trade’ angry words with Google Inc., as though the former were an equal. And there is no doubt that the role of technology in flattening borders and pushing the functionalities of society into the sphere of corporations is a major reason for this emerging reality. Influence as we know it is evolving as the fallen and falling governments in the Middle East can testify about the power of social networking, and perhaps the chief concerns in more democratic societies should centre on true accountability and regulatory powers which governments may no longer necessarily¬† wield over corporations. The primary aims of corporations hardly… Continue reading →

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