Vice President Biden And His Advice For China

Posted on by John Nanco

In his recent visit to Asia, US Vice President Joe Biden had more than just demands for clarifications from China. The latter’s declaration of Air Defence Identification Zone over disputed territories necessitated global response, to which the Obama Administration and China’s neighbours, Japan and South Korea promptly obliged. In all aspects of human affairs, Chinese current leaders are intently gazing into the future. As China continues in its march towards coequal eminence with the United States, as indisputable power in the world, more incidents and provocations are bound to increasingly arise. So Vice President Biden’s words of advice to Chinese citizens applying for US visas must be music to the ears of China’s leaders. _71538226_020217377-1

It is surprising that China’s ever rapacious press such as the China Daily and Global Times have not latched on these words to ‘taunt’ the US and Biden

There is no doubt that more Chinese… Continue reading →

Mr Mark Textor, Another Tweet Please?

Posted on by John Nanco

Hey, are you Mark Textor? Great bloke you might be…but how soon will you be disappearing from relevance to Australia’s Liberal Party?  In Australia’s parliament, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten referred the Prime Minister Tony Abott to a tweet by Mark Textor who serves as a pollster to the ruling Party. The tweet itself can be easily construed to refer to the Indonesian Foreign Minister, and in not tooart-textor-620x349 favorable light. In its stark ‘goriness’ it reads: ”Apology demanded from Australia by a bloke who looks like a 1970s Pilipino [sic] porn star and has ethics to match. #Fairfax demands appeasement”.  As Mr Textor himself will be aware, from now on, he won’t always be the main target of this tweet-tsunami. The Indonesian government, the opposition and most adversaries of the Liberal government and of the Prime Minister in particular, will continually have this bludgeon to swing

And years later,… Continue reading →

Salvaging the wind falls of the Arab Spring

Posted on by John Nanco

Mohammed Bouazizi’s spirit just can’t seem to rest. Almost three years after his death, the world is still yanked to and fro by its repercussions. As usual, almost any international political strife causes more grounds for a sustained face-off between the West and Moscow-Beijing axis. The Arab Spring is no exception. Just as the world seem to be excelling at its attempts toimages quickly forget high profile casualties of the Arab Spring; despots such as Muammar Ghaddafi, Hosni Mubarak, Ben Ali do not exactly deserve a tear. Unpalatable events had to rear their heads, to remind that it cannot ignore the continual instability of this revolution on the whole Middle East region. The democracy it has ushered in, is not exactly what Washington and London were hoping for. Although in international politics, the factor of time in fostering desired change is a valid consideration.

Syria in particular, is determined… Continue reading →

Resolving Syria: Winning The Moscow Front

Posted on by John Nanco

When Moscow announced her intentions to ship the S−300 Surface To Air Missiles to Syria, grumbles as it is to be expected, emanated from Brussels and Washington.  The European Union has rarely glorified itself in rumbles with Putin, and it is a sure sign that the United States needs to take a more active role in ‘restraining’ the Russians. At the moment, Syria as a nation is suffering and the new Hezbollah backed offensive from the Assad regime will only ‘complicate’ the calculations of the West in relations to the ultimate resolution of the crisis. The message to Assad from the West need not change; but without a much better management of Russia, and to a certain extend China, the conflict may likely drag on longer than is necessary.

While Libya may set a perfect template for the final outcome, there is no guarantee that the Syrian government will… Continue reading →

So Long, Obama

Posted on by John Nanco

What if in the next four years President Obama achieves the impossible? If the economy rebounded massively with new jobs and real impactful growth, a resurgent health care system bloomed, a near non-existent terror threat became the reality, and a lasting Israeli – Palestinian peace came to fruition?

Forget it. The world has moved on from the times of real political achievements into an era dominated by the impact of technology and social trends. These are the times where the impact of say, 3D printing, will have more direct influence in everyday life than collective intent and inputs of politicians in the next four years, and even beyond because of the irreversible progression of humanity. More starkly now, a politician and a leader are extremely distinguishable. Both can define visions and plans, and may be excellent at grandiose speeches, but it is the leader that drives and defines the… Continue reading →

Gun Control: America’s Case For Sincerity

Posted on by John Nanco

“President Obama, ban those guns now!” screams Franklin D. Roosevelt. With a respectful sag of  the shoulders, a demurely recalcitrant Obama replies, “…Ahh …Sir, you know that is impossible…for the American people…rights and liberty and freedom to defend their rights and liberty is…umm…non-negotiable…yet you can be sure we ‘ll do our best, we will.” In the aftermath of this recent and senseless shooting in Connecticut, expect a few playwrights to mine into some telling pieces, should the raging debate over gun control gathers enough momentum to threaten firearms legal status quo in America. Equally, for both carefree optimists and die-hard pessimists, there is still no major shift to cheer and most definitely won’t be, until technological evolution probably replaces guns as primary weapons of exercising the Second Amendment.

So on the face of it, reality will remain that the next unprovoked mass shooting is akin to a wager no one will… Continue reading →

Four More Years Of Economic ‘Catch-Up’

Posted on by John Nanco

So Steve Jobs was wholly and humanly wrong again, when he declared to President Obama, “ You ‘re headed for a one term presidency.”  Between a choice that perhaps would have been more ‘business-minded” and an incumbent whose economic successes have somewhat  lagged behind his promises, US voters decided President Obama owned their hopes for the next four years. In a world dogged by rampant economic woes it cannot be tougher to expect miracles from the White House whoever may be its occupant, but leadership is nonetheless a duty to perform regardless of the odds.

Without a doubt the grip of US on the world’s economy by the year 2016, whether it has tightened or weakened relative to challengers like China, would be the most telling factor in judging the leadership of President Barack Obama. So suppose America slips to an irreversible, incontestable  second in global economic relevance, it… Continue reading →

Fuel Of Intolerance

Posted on by John Nanco

The rage and uproar against the movie trailer known as ‘Innocence of Muslim,’ will inevitably abate. In its wake however, will gape widening valleys of dissent against all things democracy and  more specifically American,  across the Muslim world. Slain United States Ambassador, John Christopher Stevens and three fellow citizens fell victim to the intolerance which they were committed to eradicating by the opportunities the Arab Spring presented.

The disgruntled supporters of  erstwhile dictators  and their regimes, that thrived on double-facing such religious intolerance in order to perpetuate their relevance to the West, are gleefully whipping up sentiments and misinformation against the values of freedom and tolerance that this unfortunate ‘trailer’ represents

It is ironic that values of freedom and democracy inherently abhors offensive depictions or characterisations which this unfortunate video clip portrays. Yet even the heavy price of human lives and best efforts of diplomacy on the part of… Continue reading →

Fed’s QE3 Signals Obama’s Failed Economy, Says Romney

Posted on by skeptik@l

Everyone’s been talking about the Federal Reserve’s decision to impose policies for monetary easing in the US. In fact, the topic has been so connected to the upcoming Presidential elections, one might even say that it could make or break both candidates. What does that even mean? Beats me.

The funny thing is that while most people would look to this as a positive reaction to the atrocious labour unemployment problem in the United States, Mitt Romney and his republican cronies seem to think otherwise. Funny enough, Romney and his gang seem to think that the quantitative easing meditated by the Fed serve as a form of ‘bailout’ for the American economy under President Obama

This made Romney’s republican cronies wonder if Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve was really doing it under influence of the Obama administration or out of interest of the American economy, like he claimed… Continue reading →

Fictional Female Politicians

Posted on by skeptik@l

Fictional portrayals of women in politics are such rare commodities today. Of course, this can only be justified by alluding to the typical portrayals of women on screen; women as helpless damsels attacked or murdered by mad men, women in trouble for partaking in illegal activities, women in the porn industry and women in domestic service. Even though the existence of fictional political figures is scarce in existence, the existing stories depicting this phenomenon seem to embody a similar message: most female politicians are portrayed as unattractive, compulsive and corrupted.

For instance, Charles Herman-Wurmfeld’s Legally Blond II depicts Congresswoman Victoria Rudd (played by Sally Field) presumably as one of the most influential woman in the White House

Unlike Elle Woods (played by Reese Witherspoon), the demure, overtly polite “capital Barbie”, Rudd is painted as headstrong, curt, sturdy and hard-nosed.  As expected, Woods’ later finds out that Rudd has been furtively… Continue reading →

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