It turns out that you actually deserve to be fired for being too good at your job. Yes, according to a new study, if you know better than the boss and can prove it, you are the best candidate to be fired. In fact your boss, by firing you for that very reason, will be showing competency and extremely good judgement. But cheer up and give a mischievous high five, because you are in good company. Those who are willing to work for less pay than their input deserve are also very high on the list of those who should be sacked. This obviously is a no brainer, the first sign of a job with better offer, and these types are off . The workplace and workers are a very interesting mix. Ultimately, the most important entity is the organization or firm. Everything and everyone must or should be committed to its interests above everything else. How good you are at your job or with expertise must not, even latently, overshadow order or chain of command. This however, is just the ideal

It is basic human nature that those who are very good or over-qualified carry an extremely high tendency to ‘disrupt’ an organization’s  system of operation, and consequently, its future. Regardless of whether such disruption is positive or negative for the organzation, such employees pose the threats of excessive dependency and direction which can seriously harm everything in their absence. It is better, eight out of eleven instances, for an organization to do without an employee whose irreplaceable contributions to progress and growth will hurt because of their absence in the future. Then there is also the sneaky theory to consider, of super qualified employees whose visions and ideas are light years ahead of their bosses and superiors. The theory directly states that to be serving under such people is proof that you have located your skills and contributions in a downgraded circumstance. So you deserve and should be fired, so that you can aim higher, to contribute to the progress of the human race where you really ought to be located. And this is a notion, validated over and over again by highly talented individuals who were fired and started ventures of their own that dominated the world.

In any case, according to this study, the belief of being superior to your boss is a fallacy, regardless of how incompetent your boss is. For those who vehemently disagree, remember that there is always someone else coming who is better than you. Take chess for example, as dominant as Gary Kasparov was in his prime, these days there are plenty who he might very well struggle  to beat. To such, he’s  less qualified to still be considered the world’s champion and as a consequence he must not be  rated as superior.  For those who will grudgingly settle for less while contributing more, it is even pointless to consider them as valuable. Love for what their inputs brings to the company is non existent with them, and they are especially suited from being considered for promotion or a raise. The concept of the ideal employee is only belatedly copied by the ideals of military, where it matters more for what you contribute to the defined goals rather than how you want or desire the goals to be achieved. So the question in point is, are you fulfilled by your job driving you, or would you rather drive your job? In fairness though, you are only human.