The rage and uproar against the movie trailer known as ‘Innocence of Muslim,’ will inevitably abate. In its wake however, will gape widening valleys of dissent against all things democracy and  more specifically American,  across the Muslim world. Slain United States Ambassador, John Christopher Stevens and three fellow citizens fell victim to the intolerance which they were committed to eradicating by the opportunities the Arab Spring presented.

The disgruntled supporters of  erstwhile dictators  and their regimes, that thrived on double-facing such religious intolerance in order to perpetuate their relevance to the West, are gleefully whipping up sentiments and misinformation against the values of freedom and tolerance that this unfortunate ‘trailer’ represents It is ironic that values of freedom and democracy inherently abhors offensive depictions or characterisations which this unfortunate video clip portrays. Yet even the heavy price of human lives and best efforts of diplomacy on the part of the United States are unlikely to significantly alter popular perceptions across the region in the wake of this destructive propaganda. As culpable as the religious extremists and their sponsors, the producers of the trailer have contributed no meaningful portion to the overall interests of society, except confirm the certainty that extremists seek to sustain their causes by capitalising on contrary views.

In standing for the right of expression by reaffirming its policy of use, Youtube and by extension Google, have literally displayed the unflinching side to the values of freedom, which strives to give all parties equal opportunities to express their positions. Unfortunately, the representations of the intended by the trailer are in themselves murky, except their  for the religious zealots and their favoured media allies whose reactions have given more significance than the movie could ever have independently mustered. Freedom, as always, unveils her face and sees no need to hide. The spate of violent reactions around the world from extremist typifies their only approach which in its totality, garners no sympathy for their perspectives. Individuals and groups, unshaken their beliefs do not deserve to be ridiculed nor derided by the excuse of freedom to express. Neither do  their high handed responses  against ‘perceived condoners’ of their aggravators to be tolerated. Peace and the right to believe is expressed by moderates on both sides in any view of their cultural and societal prism, it is the least representative segment that favours provocation and enmity, thus perpetually depriving the world  of its long overdue achievement of global tolerance.