Google, Big Strong And Ahead

Posted on by John Nanco

Don’t be evil. If you depend search for profitability and relevance. Or else Google cyber-squishes you into invisibility or irrelevance. As its latest culprit, RapGenius tasted in humbling submission, search is Google and Google is search. Don’t mess with its rules. Don’t cheat or play fast. UnknownMicrosoft continues to plow millions and resources into Bing, and Apple’s Siri might even develop a believable personality to charm others, Google search remains King of search.

What does it all actually mean? Well, the fact that billions of internet users cannot live conveniently without search is the cornerstone of Google’s importance to the online world. Everything else Google does is or will eventually  dovetail into its information sea. Android, ChromeOS, Glass and the many unannounced projects all tie into Google’s ultimate goal of being the King of know-all, serve-all universe

As Microsoft and Yahoo continue to discover, it is a very long… Continue reading →

The Selfishness Of Christmas

Posted on by John Nanco

A well-followed social media stalwart surprised his legions of followers, at this year’s Christmas Eve. A photo image with text suddenly appeared on his timeline, stating he didn’t believe in the Christmas ideal and spirit. Chiefly, his stance was informed by the insincerity of many in the celebrations, and the inconclusiveness of the actual date of Jesus’ birth. Although he was broad-minded enough to admit that individuals had a right to celebrateUnknown whatever they wish, and he would in principle defend that right with them.

If this was another clever click through stunt, how well it worked!

Within hours, comments, re-shares and likes spiked over that singular post as his admirers, followers and antagonists all mouse-clicked and keyboard-battled to dominate the argument. But it was also ironic, that few actually analyzed his position, nor questioned his findings

Like him, many worldwide kick against Christmas, from a myriad of standpoints.… Continue reading →

Changing The World: By The 99%

Posted on by John Nanco

To majority of the world’s so classed 99%, who represent the poor and not so rich of society, the awareness of their duty to moral responsibility is not an issue. That is why the Las vegas cab driver who returned a forgotten US$300,000 in his cab to the owner hasGerardo reinforced faith in the goodness of humanity. The world is not as bad as the prominence of evil continues to paint it. For every heinous deed and intent, there are tons of good and virtues being neglected and ignored. From governments to individuals, mankind in his neediness are represented countless Gerardo Gamboas, who will themselves against temptations and urges to err, to steal, to injure, to destroy  and to deprive.

Even better there will always be hope for mankind

Wars may spurt and rage in Sudan, hunger and poverty may entrench in the Third World, all as a result… Continue reading →

Ballon D’or: Soccer’s Fickle Title

Posted on by John Nanco

Too often in soccer, three particular words stir the wrath of  pundits and fans. Ironically, it makes no difference if these ardent followers of the game share allegiance across multiple causes such as nations, or club-sides or  favorite players. At the uttering of phrases such as ‘greatest, best, and biggest,’ in most discussions across the three causes, alliances begin to strain. As to answers to whyUnknown this is the case, no better personality than Brazil’s most known soccer player, Arantes Dos Nascimento, aka Pele can reveal why his feud with Argentina’s Digeo Amando Maradona over formal recognition as the Greatest Player ever will never be resolved. Then of course, there is the ire of Madristas, as Real Madrid fans are popularly known, to be courted when British commentators would deliberately refer to Manchester United or Liverpool as the greatest clubs. Even those of Barcelona, AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Porto… Continue reading →

2014: Year Of Unsurprises

Posted on by John Nanco

Thomas Ugabi wakes up everyday at around 5:17AM, hustles for slimy shower and partly jogs-partly walks  to resume work at 6:15 AM. He does not get off work until 9:30PM, and enjoys two breaks of  45 minutes each throughout his labor stretch. His wage is less than US$23 per day, and in 2014 his lot will not change. Not all the utopian efforts of international labor unions and the political exertions of  well meaning imagesgovernments will change his predicament. He, like millions around the world in sweat factories, labor farms and backyard workshops, will remain the poor, entrenched into the core of the lacking 99%. Except or until he realizes, that his lot depended on the value he is able to generate, rather than sheer physical exertions, and empty hope of a miraculous pay rise

In other words, 2014 will also not be The Year Of The Poor All… Continue reading →

Vice President Biden And His Advice For China

Posted on by John Nanco

In his recent visit to Asia, US Vice President Joe Biden had more than just demands for clarifications from China. The latter’s declaration of Air Defence Identification Zone over disputed territories necessitated global response, to which the Obama Administration and China’s neighbours, Japan and South Korea promptly obliged. In all aspects of human affairs, Chinese current leaders are intently gazing into the future. As China continues in its march towards coequal eminence with the United States, as indisputable power in the world, more incidents and provocations are bound to increasingly arise. So Vice President Biden’s words of advice to Chinese citizens applying for US visas must be music to the ears of China’s leaders. _71538226_020217377-1

It is surprising that China’s ever rapacious press such as the China Daily and Global Times have not latched on these words to ‘taunt’ the US and Biden

There is no doubt that more Chinese… Continue reading →

Not That Man…Zlatan

Posted on by John Nanco

Yes, he’s Zlatan, the best soccer player in the whole world – if you believe every word a man says about himself. His skills are incontestable, but so are those of a certain Lionel Messi and the ‘lesser’ Ronaldo. But Zlatan Ibrahimovic stands out in peculiar respects. For a towering frame of about 6 feet and 5 inches, his skills and technique are indeed a wonder. His trophy cabinet is a garland of league titles from Italy, Spain, Holland and France. At ageimages 32 he still at the top of his game, but he knows he will never win the Ball on D’or, FIFA’s annual best player award. Zlatan has a problem, and it is not just his big mouth.

He too often fizzles on the very big occasion, and yet is seemingly imperious against smaller oppositions. So doubts will always remain even if he were to score more… Continue reading →

When Pornography Meets Whistle-Blowing

Posted on by John Nanco

Pornography is rabidly infectious, and truly does not discriminate. If it’s any comfort to the trio of Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning there is now the possibility of another stream of income to foot present and future legal bills. International whistleblowing, as serious as it is, also is no longer immune from the cheap, slimy grasps of pornography, thanks to the ‘inventiveness and willingness of Dr. UnknownRoslyn Fuller. An academic, writer and purveyor of the body-modeling profession, she has bared her body in a collection of calendars to help raise money for embattled whistle-blowers and their organizations.

The idea, according to her, is that exposing the truth  is just as ‘beautiful’, sexy and ‘fun’ as almost baring it all

Nothing can be further than the truth, and even for those who genuinely support whistle blowers with donations and fund raising. Ultimately, the main beneficiary of this publicity… Continue reading →

Mr Mark Textor, Another Tweet Please?

Posted on by John Nanco

Hey, are you Mark Textor? Great bloke you might be…but how soon will you be disappearing from relevance to Australia’s Liberal Party?  In Australia’s parliament, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten referred the Prime Minister Tony Abott to a tweet by Mark Textor who serves as a pollster to the ruling Party. The tweet itself can be easily construed to refer to the Indonesian Foreign Minister, and in not tooart-textor-620x349 favorable light. In its stark ‘goriness’ it reads: ”Apology demanded from Australia by a bloke who looks like a 1970s Pilipino [sic] porn star and has ethics to match. #Fairfax demands appeasement”.  As Mr Textor himself will be aware, from now on, he won’t always be the main target of this tweet-tsunami. The Indonesian government, the opposition and most adversaries of the Liberal government and of the Prime Minister in particular, will continually have this bludgeon to swing

And years later,… Continue reading →

Fright Vacations: Adventures For The Staunch-Hearted

Posted on by John Nanco

Granted, a thrilling vacation may mean seven billion different experiences, for each of the almost seven billion people on planet earth. But there are vacation experiences, such as some vacation experiences, which just can’t be easily dismissed. A few of these come from the Caribbean, a region deservedly cliched for its beaches, weather, culture and carnivals.

Most likely, you wouldn’t probably rate it high for the new vogue that is termed ‘fright vacations’; a phenomenon of holiday experiences designed to awe, shock and twist the intrepid and daring into wimps.  there are you wrong, and how totally so. Because believe it or not a few of its islands holiday services providers are willing scare your courage into extinction. Especially if danger and courage is your thing. Just how tough do you imagesreally rate yourself? Well, maybe waking up to a python slithering over your skin in the dark is… Continue reading →

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